American Flag Shirt - Your 5 Questions Answered

As an aficionado of shirts with the American flag, I did research into some of the questions that have been agitating my mind and maybe yours too. It was difficult to settle on the five questions, however, I got there in the end. Enjoy reading!

1. In Forrest Gump, who is the man wearing the American Flag shirt in the scene where Gump gets involved with the anti-Vietnam protests? Abbie Hoffman, one of 'Chicago Seven' activist.

2. Are American Flag shirts illegal? This answer was provided by Rick Cassano (US Army Veteran): '' Far too many people have no understanding of the U.S. Flag Code and how it applies to the use of an 'artistic' rendition of the flag in clothing or other uses. The Code specifically says that the flag shall not be used as an item of clothing, decoration, advertising, etc.

Manufacturing items that duplicate the appearance of the flag in no way violates the U.S. Flag Code. Using a facsimile of the U.S. Flag is nothing more than a creative expression and is not using the flag for such purposes.

One would have to actually use a manufactured U.S. Flag in such presentations to violate the Code.''

3. Should American flag apparel be used as protective face masks? Andrew T answers this one: '' I don't see why it couldn't be used as a facemask.

I've seen Flying Tigers facemasks, too. I don't think it means that the Flying Tigers are being shown disrespect. Au contraire, I think they're being paid tribute. Same thing with American flag facemasks, too. America's always considered itself a shield: against tyranny, against oppression, against injustice. What's more American than the American flag being used as a shield against deadly disease?

We have American-flag T-shirtsAmerican-flag boxer shorts, and American-flag handkerchiefs. Just because a rendition of the American flag is being sweated, sneezed, or jizzed into doesn't mean the flag itself is being shown disrespect.

If you see Pompeo wipe his schnozz on one of the flags hanging in the Oval Office, let me know. Then it'll be grounds for concern.''

4. When and where did the tradition of wearing a small American flag on a suit lapel, mostly seen with politicians at the federal level, originate? This answer is from Lee Ballentine: ''The American flag lapel pin was probably first worn by Republican pro-Vietnam War candidates in the congressional elections of 1970 as a reaction to anti-war protesters like Yippie Abbie Hoffman, who wore an American flag shirt in 1968. Other protesters sometimes sewed American flag designs onto their jeans.

But the modern trend was begun by President Richard Nixon during his “Silent Majority” movement. He and all his staff sported the pins, and finally, he even wore one on his black suit on August 9, 1974, when he resigned to escape the humiliation of impeachment over the Watergate affair.

5. What are some style tips for teens? Josh Watson owns this question: ''Here’s the thing about style. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing. You could wear an American flag suit. You just need to own it. You can wear whatever you want but own it. When you go out people will respect you. Because there isn’t a secret to having a good style. You just need to own what you wear.''